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03-Jan-2018 15:25

“I’ve wanted to visit before the massive invasion of pasty white baby-boomer Midwest-American chubbers ruined the perfect picture of Havana I had built up in my head,” Webb writes in Men’s Journal.

“Plus, as any warm-blooded male is wont to do, I had visions of rescuing some beautiful mixed Russian-Cuban girl with green eyes and a sexy accent.

Usually the daughter of Cuban immigrants, she hung out at the Hialeah mall in Miami-Dade County, flicking through racks of colorful, tight jeans.

While mainstream American pop culture sulked over Nirvana albums and middle-class teenage angst, the was influenced by hip-hop and reggaeton artists like Pitbull and Daddy Yankee, and Caribbean culture, which celebrated the female body and a fierce attitude — even when most Americans, including her own community, laughed and looked the other way.

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